Balázs Gyenis

Argentine tango collector, DJ, radio host, organizer, and dancer

TJ Balazs Gyenis  

First and foremost Balazs is a passionate lover of Argentine tango music. He reads about, collects, and listens to all in this genre.

Balazs prefers rhythmic and emotionally charged music from the Golden Age but as a DJ he plays an overall balanced repertoire with an eye on dynamic variation between tandas and consistency within them.

Balazs played sets in

  • 200+ milongas and
  • 100+ larger, multi-day, international (marathon/encuentro/festival) events
all around the world. Balazs is also the creator of

(Download: black and white or colored DJ photo 1, 2; list of past DJ sets.)

Playing my bandoneon

Balazs owns an 1936 ELA bandoneon and occasionally dabbles with it. Here playing outside of St. Stephen's Basilica together with fellow bandoneonists Tamás Radnai and Eszter Vörös.


Holgyvalasz cup

Proud recipient of a name-engraved cup awarded in recognition of DJing and contributions to social tango. The cup is put on display every Saturday by the Holgyvalasz milonga crew.

Balazs does not have a Facebook account but he maintains an infrequently updated tango and bandoneon blog: In case you'd want to get in touch, please don't hesitate to contact via email:

Email me!